What Lies Beneath w/ Dave Montgomery

A Conversation with Dave Montgomery

with Jeremy Horn


David Montgomery is a MacArthur Fellowship “Genius” Grant recipient and professor in the Department of Earth & Space Sciences at the University of Washington. He is a prominent authority in geology, but his education never trained him to explore the rich biology within soil.  Luckily his wife Anne Bikle is a brilliant biologist. Together they have expanded their collective knowledge to learn that there is an entire ecosystem of microbes living “beneath the surface”. Entire UNIVERSES in fact, which determine the true health of our soil

As discussed in his book “Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations”, significant data exists to indicate that societies that do not take care of their soil are destined to doom.  In his latest book “Growing a Revolution” he teaches us how to bring our soil back to life by combining ancient wisdom with modern science and techniques.

You can learn more at his website and purchase his books at: www.dig2grow.com

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