Ancient Wisdom Modern Practice w/ Dr. Shailinder Sodhi

A Conversation with Dr. Shailinder Sodhi

with Jeremy Horn


Dr. Shailinder Sodhi along with his wife Dr. Anju Sodhi and his brother Dr. Virender Sodhi are the first family of Ayurvedic Medicine in America. Ayurveda, which translates loosely from Sanskrit to “the wisdom of life”, is a system of traditional medicine developed in India to not only treat illness but to maximize a person’s ideal health potential. Pre-dating Westernized medicine by thousands of years, many ancient Ayurvedic surgical procedures and tools were directly adopted unchanged into current medical practice.

One of the very first Ayurvedic practitioners in the US, Dr. Shailinder Sodhi is a strong proponent of maximizing the value of life by encouraging people to be mindful of the food they eat and the way they treat their bodies. After all, our body is the only vessel for our soul. When it’s happy, we’re happy.

This episode is a remedial introduction to the basic tenets of Ayurvedic medicine and for many people, a re-introduction on how to live life.


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