Comedy is Never Safe

A Conversation with Danielle Gregoire

with Jeremy Horn


Danielle Gregoire is a Canadian-born comedian and show producer as well as the creator/founder of the Comedy Womb (now called the Comedy Nest), a non-threatening environment to encourage women, people of color, trans, queer and other traditionally disenfranchised groups to try stand-up comedy at the “open mic” level.

Since its inception, the Comedy Womb gained national publicity as more and more “safe rooms” opened up across the country. But as with anything new or different, the Comedy Womb has taken an unfair share of criticism. As the face of the Womb, Danielle Gregoire has been the conduit for peoples’ misplaced ire. Through it all Danielle listens patiently, absorbing each and every criticism to learn from and improve her product. And all she ever wanted to do was put on a fun show!