Replenish Replace

A Conversation with Dr. Darrin Starkey

with Jeremy Horn


Let me begin by stating that I don’t drink coffee. Anyone who knows me can attest to that. I exist at a constant state of amped up aggression and overbearing self-righteousness. I don’t need caffeine to intensify that. But after a long night of shooting and only a few hours of sleep before preparing the studio for our interview with Dr Starkey, I had myself a cup of coffee. Then another. And another. Because I struggle with self-restraint.

And that’s when we turned the mics on…

Anyone who knows me will find this episode hilarious and unnerving. Anyone who doesn’t will find me obnoxious and unhinged.

If you find me irritating on this episode and wished I would just shut my yap and let Dr Starkey talk, be comfortable in the knowledge that you are right.

A board certified naturopathic physician since 2000 & member of the American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA), Dr. Starkey is an expert in the field of minerals and has spent three decades studying & monitoring the links between mineral deficiencies and human illness as well as the dangers of making health promoting decisions with our tastebuds.

We would have discussed more in-depth if I wasn’t jacked out of my mind off caffeine. Again, apologies to you all. But other than that, enjoy!