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Peri-menopause is caused by the gradual reduction of sex hormones like estrogen and proestrogen in the body as you age. This wreaks havoc on the body because receptors for these hormones are found in your brain, bones, and white blood cells, and when they aren’t getting the normal amount of hormones, it effects your body’s natural balance. Femmenessence’s MacaLife doesn’t contain unnaturally produced hormones to offset this deficiency. Instead, it heals the source, the hypothalamus, which is the command center that sends out a number of vital hormones to the body. Femmenessence’s MacaLife does this by using a highly concentrated form of one of the 13 varieties of the maca herb, Maca-Go, which helps boost hormone levels in women, specifically. This form of the Peruvian maca has been clinically proven to balance out your hormones to reduce menopause symptoms and can also improve bone density and heart health.

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