Official Studio and Playground of the Podcast

Nestled deep within the woods at an undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest the Tree Top Tavern is our studio and base of operations. Modeled from original designs inspired by JRR Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings” series, guests lucky enough to be invited within its hobbit doors are encouraged to pour themselves a drink, play some Xbox, and pick out whichever weaponry they think would best suit them for the impending apocalypse.

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Why a Podcast?

Let’s be honest. You don’t know #@%&.

I don’t know #@%&. None of us really do. Each of us just holds a small piece of a puzzle we are all trying to form to help make better sense of our world.

The purpose of this podcast is to talk to people who actually know some #@%&. Hopefully their breadth of life experience can teach us tools to be better versions of ourselves and give us insight into living fuller lives.

At the very least it will be a fun way to blow an hour you would have otherwise spent arguing with strangers on the internet.

Jeremy Horn


Jeremy Horn is the mixed-race only child of two South Korean celebrities (a Korean mother from Seoul and a Caucasian father from Ohio) who left the motherland to start a new life in America. A textbook embodiment of the American dream, now that he is underwater on his mortgage and decades away from paying off his student loans, that dream has been fulfilled.

The pool of phenomenal podcast guests are pulled from his 15+ year history of working in the Health & Wellness industry along-side some of the most respected names in Natural Medicine as well as his 7 years performing as a stand-up comedian in Seattle. Through his experience in these fields he has advised numerous professional athletes, musicians, actors and one Supermodel who no longer returns his phone calls.

Paul Victor


With a degree in Advanced Disappointment from Santa Clara University, Paul Victor is the co-creator, producer, audio engineer, product photographer and web-designer of our operation. Paul is gifted with many skills. Unfortunately, Paul is not especially gifted at any specific one of those skills.

A Catholic, Paul attends church 2-3 times a week. This fact is not listed to make you feel guilty. It is to let you know that Paul feels guilty. Very guilty.

Hire Paul for your next Bar Mitzvah. Mazel!

Zee Tyree


Zee Tyree is the graphic designer and operations manager for our podcast. Zee does all the things that Paul & Jeremy don’t know how to do. Which is a lot of things…..Which is pretty much everything.

Zee has made it clear that any complaints & criticisms of the site or its content should be directed to “anyone but her” and we respect her decision.

Oh and you know those brilliant designs you see for each individual podcast? Zee personally handcrafts every one of them straight from the fiery embers of her creative mind. Then Paul & Jeremy criticize them mercilessly demanding multiple revisions until they are the perfectly formed creations you see on each episode page. Please send Zee gifts and condolences.

Xung Lam

Tech Guru

How does this site work? I don’t know. I seriously don’t. Xung Lam does. Xung is the brilliant coder/developer who runs all the functions behind the scenes.

He’s like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz. Except you can see him. Look! He’s right there! Hi Xung!!

Xung has built several websites for numerous public figures and businesses.

Kevin Aschman

Brand Defender

A native New Yorker having made his home in Los Angeles for the past 15 years, Kevin Aschman is our business director and guardian of the brand.

Like our logo? Kevin made that. Like the positioning & aesthetics of the brand? All Kevin. Do you need help building your brand or identity? Maybe perhaps developing a specific campaign strategy? Kevin can help you with that. Don’t like our logo or the look of our site? That’s fine. Kevin has fists the size of Christmas hams. Either way he’d LOVE to hear from you!

For pricing and inquires you can get in touch with him here: [email protected]